• Monday, October 22, 2018

Waterfront Shipping wins Lloyd's List Americas Award

By BCShippingNews 24 May 2018
Waterfront Shipping wins Lloyd's List Americas Award
Recognition for improvements in fuel efficiency...

On May 23, at the 2018 Lloyd’s List Americas Awards, Waterfront Shipping received the Best Fuel Solution Award for their investment in sustainable marine technology!  This award recognizes improvements in fuel efficiency, and environmental performance, including efforts to bring forward low emission sustainable fuel technology to the market.

Photo above: Richard Clayton, Chief Correspondent, Lloyd’s List with Paul Hexter, President, Waterfront Shipping.

In 2016, in collaboration with Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd., Westfal-Larsen Management, and Marinvest/Skagerack Invest, Waterfront Shipping invested in and delivered seven of the world’s first methanol fueled ocean going vessels. These innovative vessels are built with the first-of-their kind dual fuel engines that can run on clean burning methanol, fuel oil, marine diesel oil or gas oil to enable fuel flexibility, support economics and lower emissions.

Due to the success of this technology Waterfront Shipping announced that this year they invested in another four vessels – resulting in 40% of their fleet powered by clean-burning methanol fuel technology in the coming year.   More information on these stories can be found here and here.

This award is a great achievement for Waterfront Shipping and for methanol’s recognition as a clean burning, economical alternative marine fuel for the future.