• Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hassle-free underwater bow thruster removal and reinstallation

By BCShippingNews 03 April 2017
Hydrex provides fast solution...

Hydrex can perform bow thruster removals and reinstallations on all types of tunnel thrusters. These repairs are carried out in co-operation with OEMs on any location.  They are performed while the vessel stays afloat without impact on its schedule.

Tunnel thruster operations are carried out using our flexible mobdocks that close off the tunnel on both sides. This allows divers to work in a dry environment around the unit. Our range of flexible mobdocks can be used for work on all types and sizes of thrusters and vessels. An animation of the bow thruster removal and installation procedure can be viewed on the Hydrex website.

Bow thruster removals can be performed very fast because the removal can be done in the wet. The reinstallation needs to be done in the dry because the blades need to be reinstalled without water ingress. If a spare bow thruster is available, our team can install the new unit immediately. If not, underwater reinstallation of the overhauled bow thruster can easily be planned for an upcoming port call or during a scheduled drydocking. The reverse procedure is also possible. If the thruster is removed in drydock, Hydrex can reinstall it underwater in dry conditions at a later date.

Hydrex has been working together with OEMs for bow thruster operations for a very long time. These long standing relationships allow us to arrange anything needed for the repairs very swiftly. This does not only include the underwater part of the operation. We can also transport the unit to the workshop for overhaul and can take care of the communication with the OEM. We offer a start-to-finish solution.