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Photos: Vancouver Industry Luncheon - June 19, 2018

By BCShippingNews 26 June 2018
Fifth Vancouver Shipping Luncheon features three strong presentations...

Report from Haijun Yu, Managing Director, Vancouver ShipInvest and Management Ltd.

The fifth Vancouver Shipping lunch was successfully held on June 19 with more than 35 attendances. Our three distinguished speakers presented their topics to cover very diverse subjects. 

Mr. Anders Mikkelsen from DNV GL spoke about Smart Shipping. He stated that DNV GL is taking a broad view to enable a safer, smarter and greener ship performance. For DNV GL, digitalization is the main vehicle to modernize class and Artificial Intelligence. He presented the picture of Digitalization – connectivity – remote – autonomy: from vision to reality - towards unmanned ships. 3D printing and enhanced manufacturing will simplify ship’s part changes and drawings, etc.

Ms. Brittany Baumann, a Macro Economic Strategist from TD Security Toronto, was coincidentally visiting Vancouver and it was our good luck to have her speak. She presented an excellent analysis of the current NAFTA negotiation, the U.S./Canada trade war and the U.S./China trade war. She detailed the consequences and risks of “what could possibly go wrong?” She predicted that the Canadian economy, very much reliant on the U.S. market, will be hit by the trade war, with Canadian dollars being bearish in the short term for sure. 

Finally, we had Mr. Alexander Kurtynin is from PressReader, a Vancouver-based technology company that provides access to thousands of global newspapers and magazines on one digital platform. Alexander introduced PressReader and discussed some of the ways that shipping companies could use the platform to engage with their crews and personnel, while also improving crew welfare. It is particularly relevant, as on June 25, the global shipping industry will be celebrating the Day of the Seafarer with this year’s theme being “Seafarers’ wellbeing.”

This is our last Shipping Lunch before summer time. Hereby, we sincerely thank all attendances' support during our last events. It is very encouraging to hear from Ms. Kaity Arsoniadis-Stein, Vancouver International Maritime Centre, that B.C.’s Premier, the Honourable John Horgan approves of VIMC’s next year’s budget. We will resume our shipping lunch after summer time in September.

We were thinking about having a “Pub Night” some time in the summer - if there was enough interest - please drop us a line  if you are interested and we can see what numbers we have and whether enough to organize something. 

1. Brittany Baumann, Macro Economic Strategist,...
2. Alexander Kurtynin, PressReader.
3. Alexander Kurtynin, PressReader.
4. Kaity Arsoniadis-Stein, Vancouver Internatio...
5. Robert Hedley and Shelley Chapelski speak wi...
6. Bernie Jones, Alexander Kurtynin and Anders...
7. Anders Mikkelson, DNV GL.
8. Brittany Baumann, TD Security Toronto.
9. Brittany Baumann, Macro Economic Strategist,...