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Industry insight: A lifetime in B.C.'s tug industry - Subscriber Access Only

By BCShippingNews 04 December 2017

When asked about his background and when he first joined North Arm Trans-portation (NAT), Leo Stradiotti held up a photo of himself at the approximate age of four or five, standing on the dock that could be seen from where we now sit. While technically “retired” from day-to-day operations at North Arm, he still spends his time split between NAT, the Council of Marine Carriers where he has held the position of Chairman for the past nine years and Langara Island Lodge. Few in British Columbia’s tug industry can claim more experience than Stradiotti.

BCSN: You and North Arm Transportation are inextricably linked. Perhaps we could tackle both backgrounds at the same time.

LS: My Father and his two brothers started Stradiotti Brothers (SB) in the very early 1940s. At that time, the work focused on the river, towing logs and fish buying. In the late 1950s, when that business started to change, they incorporated North Arm Transportation which, at that time, focused primarily on fuel and small freight deliveries. SB was eventually folded into NAT.

I’ve worked here all my life — on the boats; in a little shipyard we used to operate; in the maintenance shop; and in the office. I was in my mid-30s when I took over as President. Today, my son Mike and my cousin Gino are in charge.

BCSN: Could you tell me about today’s operations at NAT. Also, could you describe your fleet?