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Industry insight: Creating a superior supply chain - Subscriber Access Only

By BCShippingNews 25 January 2018
Jean-Jacques Ruest: Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, CN Railway

With the vision of creating a superior supply chain, Jean-Jaques Ruest, Executive Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer for CN, knows that leveraging the strength of each partner in the chain is integral to success.  Ruest’s 30-plus years of global business expertise puts him in good stead as one of the leading voices on the topic of supply chains and the one to turn to when looking for insights into efficient cargo logistics.

BCSN: Tell me a bit about your background and your views on what makes for a successful supply chain.

JR: Before joining CN in 1996 as Vice President, Petroleum and Chemicals, I worked for a major international chemical company for 16 years. At CN, I was promoted to Vice President, Industrial Products in 2003; then to Vice President, Marketing in 2004; and Senior Vice President, Marketing in 2006 before attaining the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer in January, 2010.

Broadly speaking, I’ve always approached my career at CN as a student of the market, looking at all of the different economic sectors and their transportation requirements. I’m looking at the business from our customer’s point of view — that is, from the outside looking in. In the rail industry, it’s easy to take an inside view and try to make the world adapt to our needs but that doesn’t go very far. Taking an outside view allows us to see the services as defined by the customer.

As an example, in the international container supply chain, to be successful, we must be able to leverage the strength of the three partners — the ocean shipping line, port and terminal operations, and rail service. Ultimately and when done right, the collaboration can be extremely powerful.