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BC Shipping News - November 2018 Highlights

By BCShippingNews 19 October 2018
BC Shipping News - November 2018 Highlights
Exclusive articles and updates on commercial marine activity on the West Coast of Canada...

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Industry Insight: Ensuring the optimum performance of Canada's submarines...Mike Whalley, President, Babcock Canada...Whalley provides insights that showcase not only the importance and highly capable nature of Canada's submarines, but also highlights the extensive skills and knowledge required to keep the vessels in service.

Canadian Coast Guard: Second year of OPP delivers on equipment, vessels and more...One of the most visible indicators of the Oceans Protection Plan will be the two new Emergency Offshore Tow Vessels, the Atlantic Raven and the Atlantic Eagle, arriving in B.C. waters in November and December.

Shipbuilding: NSS continues to revitalize B.C.'s shipbuilding industry..."As we progress through the NSS program, we're continously improving our processes based on lessons learned -- Mark's experience, and that of his leadership team, lends well to identifying gaps..."

Shipyards: Shipyard resurgence: Insights from Victoria Shipyards...by Darryl Anderson..."Winning the New Zealand Navy work speaks to the capabilities of the women and men of Seaspan and leaves us well positioned for realizing similar opprotunities in the future."

Search & Rescue: RCMSAR supports public safety mandates...by Christine Gross..."Creating that understanding and building those relationships between different agencies can only improve and help our joint effectiveness in the heat of the moment."

Fireboats: Fireboat No.2 officially welcomed...In late September, Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services officially welcomed Fireboat No.2 to the marine protection fleet.

Spill Response: Strengthening spill response on Canada's West Coast...by Michael Lowry...With the introduction of the OPP and a renewed focus on oil spill response and preparedness, WCMRC agrees that it is time to review current regulations...

Marine Security: A rule of law for the oceans - Canada's maritime security in the UNCLOS era...by Jeffrey Smith...No other agreement comes close to assuring a durable and compliance-based order to ensure the peaceful behaviour of states on teh seas along with effective regulation of maritime commerce and resource development.


  • History Lesson: Canada gets a Coast Guard: The establishment of the CCG...by Lea Edgar, Vancouver Maritime Museum.
  • Legal Affairs: The evolution of justice in the Navy: Civilian and military courts work side by side in Canada...by Jakub Vodsedalek, Bernard LLP.

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