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BC Shipping News - May 2018 Highlights

By BCShippingNews 24 April 2018
BC Shipping News - May 2018 Highlights
Exclusive articles and updates on commercial marine activity on the West Coast of Canada...

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Industry Insight: A pulse on the dry bulk market...Peter Amat, General Manager, Pacific Basin Shipping (Canada) Ltd... Peter's experience puts him in good stead to provide an overview of the West Coast dry bulk market as well as the bigger picture of the West Coast shipping industry.

International Trade: Are Canada's businesses sufficiently prepared for trade disruption? By Candace Sider, Livingston International...The volatility in global trade will most certainly continue for the foreseeable future and there are real risks for Canadian businesses that aren't considering how changes could affect their business.

Tanker Moratorium: Can Eagle Spirit succeed where Northern Gateway failed? By Captain Stephen Brown...Formed in 2012, Eagle Spirit aims to promote its vision of a First Nations-managed energy corridor across Northern British Columbia.

Dry Bulk: Insight from CN on Canada's dry bulk market...With Doug MacDonald, VP, Bulk, CN...The main news for the bulk grain sector is the three new terminals that are all scheduled to be up and running in time for the 2019-2020 grain season.

Hazardous Goods: It's in the can...Containerized cargo: Hazardous and noxious substances risk...By K. Joseph Spear, Kiley Sampson and Darryl Anderson...Canada recognizes the marine risk posed by hazardous and dangerous goods and has sought to develop an HNS response and liability regime.

Polar Shipping: A polar paradox...The ethical case for commercial shipping in the Arctic...By Jeffrey Smith...In dealing with the problem of climate change, reducing the use of petroleum fuels and thereby greenhouse gas emissions from ships, shorter -- more efficient -- navigation routes need to be preferred.


  • History Lesson: Vestige of the North: Preserving the St. Roch...By Lea Edgar, Vancouver Maritime Museum
  • Legal Affairs: Interprovincial transport of oil: Wine or wine not? By Karissa Kelln, Bernard LLP

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