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BC Shipping News - February 2018 Highlights

By BCShippingNews 22 January 2018
BC Shipping News - Vol.8, Iss.1 - February 2018
Exclusive articles and updates on commercial marine activity on the West Coast of Canada...

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Industry Insight: Creating a superior supply chain...Jean-Jacques Ruest, CN Railway...JJ's 30-plus years of global expertise puts him in good stead as one of the leading voices on the topic of supply chains and the one to turn to when looking for insights into efficient cargo logistics.

State of the Industry: Unprecedented pressure on the horizon...Chamber of Shipping President Robert Lewis-Manning describes the challenges facing commercial marine transportation today.

Supply Chain Finance: Shipper supply chain finance solutions...Darryl Anderson, Wave Point Consulting, sheds some light on the vital topic of supply chain finance solutions that will no doubt increase in importance over the coming years.

Ship Finance: Vancouver shipping - A missed opportunity? By Haijun Yu and Bernie Jones, Vancouver ShipInvest and Management Ltd...We still have a long way to go to establish Vancouver as an international shipping hub.

LNG Bunkering: Future trends in LNG bunkering...by Captain Stephen Brown, West Pacific Marine...Some of the best and brightest minds in our industry have been scratching their heads to come up with a credible solution to meet future demand for LNG bunkering.

Supply Chain: The many moving parts and partners for W.A. Grain...Demonstrating the complexity of Canada's supply chain, BC Shipping News turns to grain exporters W.A. Grain for perspective on what it takes to get their product from farm to market.

Surveying: New genetic testing lab adds to IMS' capabilities...with the addition of a new genetic testing lab division, IMS is proving once again their ability to recognize and anticipate the needs of their clients.


  • History Lesson: Art in the Arctic...by Lea Edgar, Vancouver Maritime Museum
  • Legal Affairs: Feds introduce new measures to address abandoned vessels...by Catherine Hofmann, Bernard LLP

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