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B.C. tug industry update - Subscriber Access Only

By BCShippingNews 10 December 2017
B.C. tug industry update

A quick poll of tug companies in British Columbia finds many who are eagerly awaiting the Council of Marine Carriers’ recruitment/apprenticeship program which is currently in the planning stages. By far, finding skilled labour is the number one issue facing the industry. As described in the Industry Insight with Leo Stradiotti, Chairman of the CMC (see page 12), the program will be centrally administered by the Council to provide trainees with a wide range of experience on vessels of participating marine companies. For the company representatives we interviewed, the initiative is a welcome solution and can’t come soon enough.

In taking the pulse of the industry with our annual B.C. tug update, we find other common threads: the majority are enjoying a solid pace of business with a healthy mix of projects and many noted the forest product sector in particular as doing quite well. One additional common thread that was especially heartening to see was the amount of optimism reported when forecasting for next year.

Here’s how the tug industry fared in 2017…

Amix Group

Tony Marra, Director of Sales for the Amix Group, reported that business has been “good and busy” on a variety of fronts, including infrastructure work and moving forest products. “Logs, lumber and chips have seen strong years and good markets,” he said. “And we’re seeing a lot of work related to infrastructure projects within a certain scope that fits our heavy lift capabilities very well.”