• Monday, October 22, 2018

Port Moody-based Current Corp partners with Zodiac Milpro to showcase latest technology...

By BCShippingNews 29 March 2018
Port Moody-based Current Corp partners with Zodiac Milpro to showcase latest technology...
Night Navigator™ 6065 will be featured on RHIB in time for U.S. military trade shows...

Current Corporation and Zodiac Milpro are partnering to demonstrate their latest fast interceptor equipment for paramilitary and navy end users. Current’s newest electro-optical system, the Night Navigator™ 6065, is installed on the latest Zodiac Hurricane 1300 MACH II Interceptor RHIB which will be presented at US military trade shows before going on a world tour.

Zodiac Hurricane 1300 MACH II
Mated to four 350 HP outboard engines, the boat is designed with an aluminum hull/ deck and fitted with a dual console which has a pilot and navigator in the forward position, and a communication and team commander position for the aft console. The boat has a removable roof, and a folding mast with lift assist/fall protection. The ZH-1300 OB has a maximum speed of 55 knots, and with its fuel capacity of 1910 liters, it can traverse 350 nautical miles at 35 knots.

Night Navigator 6065
Currents Night Navigator 6065 integrates a cooled thermal imager (MWIR) with 22x optical zoom and HD day / low light camera 30x optical zoom. Rugged and marinized, it provides 360° situational awareness, detects NATO target as far as the horizon and tracks targets from multiple sources (radar cursor, ARPA, AIS and video target) while navigating at high speed day and night. Manufactured in Canada, this compact, gyrostabilized electro-optical system requires minimal maintenance and is the new preferred EOS for fast interceptors & USV worldwide.

Visitors to the Sea Air Space conference (April 9 to 11 in Maryland) and SOFIC (May 21 to 24 in Tampa) will be able to experience the installation first hand.