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Vard Electro Canada expands under the National Shipbuilding Strategy

By BCShippingNews 17 October 2018
Vard Electro Canada expands under the National Shipbuilding Strategy
Boost in business activity sparks even further growth...

Vard Electro Canada is an expert in detailed electrical engineering, procurement and product integration. Vard Electro Canada was formed under its parent company Vard Electro Norway, in direct response to Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). Incorporated in 2016, Vard Electro Canada has been awarded work on two NSS new ship construction projects: The Joint Support Ships (JSS) for the Royal Canadian Navy and the Offshore Oceanographic Science Vessel (OOSV) for the Canadian Coast Guard. In just two years, Vard Electro Canada has grown from a handful of employees in one office to over 25 employees in Vancouver and Ottawa. Vard Electro Canada continues to grow as it delivers on its commitments on the NSS projects, as well as pursue additional work globally.

Work on the NSS

For the JSS Program, Vard Electro Canada is providing detailed electrical engineering, long lead item procurement and integration services for Seaspan.

For the OOSV Program, Vard Electro Canada is providing detailed power and propulsion engineering, equipment procurement and integration services for Seaspan.

Vard Electro is assisting Seaspan in fulfilling the Industrial and Technological Benefits associated with each procurement.

Sparking further growth

Vard Electro Canada’s work has resulted in a big win for another Canadian company: Corvus Energy. Vard Electro Norway issued multi-million-dollar purchase orders to Corvus Energy for their innovative, high-efficiency marine batteries. The tremendous boost in business activity helps Canadian companies compete internationally on leading edge technology and make a positive environmental impact. Through such purchases, Vard Electro is bolstering other Canadian companies and creating a beneficial domino effect in Canada’s shipbuilding industry. These are exciting times, as Canada builds and shapes its shipbuilding industry. Not only is Vard Electro Canada proud to be a part of it, Vard Electro Canada is primed to expand its contributions as provider of electrical engineering solutions.

Vard Electro Canada named Centre of Excellence – Government Vessel Design

Vard Electro Norway recently designated Vard Electro Canada as its global Electrical Engineering Design Centre of Excellence for Government Vessels! This is a proud reflection of the great work and experience being garnered from Vard Electro Canada’s participation with Seaspan on the NSS.

Commitment to Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB)

Vard Electro Norway and Vard Electro Canada are committed to Canada’s Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy (formerly Industrial Regional Benefits Policy), as they actively seek out procurement opportunities for Canadian companies. By leveraging the Canadian software platform, OMX, which is a procurement and supplier data management platform. Vard Electro Canada is engaging the Canadian marine community to compile a “Makers List” of Canadian marine goods and services. The “Makers List” will be used by the Vard Group and Fincantieri globally, giving Canadian companies an opportunity to compete for shipbuilding programs worldwide.

“Vard Electro Canada is a testament to how the National Shipbuilding Strategy and the Industrial and Technological Benefits Policy are generating work for Canadian firms at home and abroad. As the strategy moves forward, so will the revitalization of our shipbuilding industry and the good jobs it creates.” –The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

“Vard Electro Canada is excited to deliver electrical engineering solutions for NSS new construction projects and honoured to tribute to the reshaping of Canada’s shipbuilding future from coast to coast.” - Robert Louie, Managing Director - Vard Electro Canada

“We are so proud of Vard Electro Canada’s achievements! The success on the NSS is just the starting point, as we look to build on that experience to make an impact on governmental projects worldwide. We are excited to collaborate with other Canadian companies to make this happen.” – Richard Schofield, Vice President of Operations – Vard Electro Norway