CBD has started gaining popularity around the world. More people are now open to the idea of using it. The CBD industry is a $2.8 billion industry and growing. The rise in usage is because of its health benefits.

CBD & Shipping

As the use of CBD products grows, so does its demand. As such, guidelines will have to be developed for how you can buy these products, and shipping companies are not left out.

Shipping can be tricky because the legality to buy CBD and shop vape cartridges is relatively in different places. At the baseline, CBD products are legal in the UK and the US. However, it has to have less than 0.3% THC.

Shipping CBD products is also legal in all states in the US. So, you do not have to worry about not getting your CBD oils from the comfort of your home.

Nevertheless, shipping CBD is a little tricky. Even though shipping is legal in all US states, marijuana and CBD products themselves are not permitted in all states. Thus, you would have to do adequate research to ensure you are not breaking any laws.

Laws Guiding Shipping in the US

Let’s break it down. The federal law in the US, “The Hemp Act,” is what guides CBD legality. It states that you can only ship CBD products if it has less than 0.3″ THC. However, if the CBD is derived from marijuana other than hemp, it is only legal in fewer places.

Thus, you can only ship CBD derived from hemp freely with less regulation. The only exception to this rule is shipping CBD high in THC in farm feed. So, cows are allowed to be high, just not you.

Shipping to other countries

Shipping to other countries is trickier. There are a lot more things to consider. The location is the most important. European countries, generally speaking, have laxer laws. There are exceptions to this, after all. African countries have stronger regulations on this.

The best practice would be to call the customs office beforehand and ask about their laws. This is so that your package does not get sized at the border. Nevertheless, CBD for medicinal purposes is less regulated because of the prescription. Thus, if you shipped your CBD medicine and it gets held, your prescription could save it.

Shipping Companies & CBD

Cargo companies will first comply with state and federal laws, and then their regulations apply. UPS will only pick up and ship CBD products derived from hemp and nothing else. This means they will not pick up marijuana or ship it.

You can bypass this by using third-party logistics. You can send your marijuana to them. Then UPS will go to their warehouse and pick it up. This way, you do not have direct contact with UPS.

FedEx will not ship any CBD product at all. Except for farm feeds and synthetic cannabinoids. Always buy from trusted suppliers to avoid contaminated CBD and understand the regulations of the area you are shipping to.

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