Are you planning to move overseas and are wondering how best to pack your clothes? According to experts, packing clothes for shipping when you are moving abroad can be a difficult task for most people.

It can be daunting to decide what to bring along and what not to carry. The other issue is deciding the method of packing your clothes to ensure that you ship them easily and cheaply. This article provides tips for packing your clothes for shipping seamlessly.

  • Sort Your Clothes

Decide the clothes which are coming with you and ensure to sort them into different categories. For instance, you need to identify regular clothing like a custom t-shirt with, pajamas, clothing for special occasions, and much more.

This is a good time to sort the clothes and sell the ones you don’t need or won’t take with you. Make sure that you consider the climate of the destination while packing.  For instance, if you are going to a warm destination, be sure to bring along light clothes. However, if the place is cold, warmer clothes will do.

  • Choose Your Packing Option

There are several options in which you can pack your clothes.

  • Suitcases

If you have suitcases, stuff them with the clothes you intend to carry. Suitcases are mostly charged at a flat rate since they don’t have weight limits. Just ensure that you organize everything well for more storage.

  • Wardrobe Boxes

Just hang your clothes inside a wardrobe box as you would in your closet. Besides, garment boxes also have space for shoes and other stuff.

  • Garbage Bags

These are the cheapest option for packing your clothes for shipping. Just take garbage bags and stuff your clothes. On the downside, garbage bags can easily rip apart and they are not considered a priority at customs.

  • Use Old Clothes as Bubble Wrap

Did you know that your old clothes could act like bubble wrap? You can use clothing to wrap other clothes during shipping. If some clothes are too precious, or they wrinkle too much, wrap them up in old clothing.

  • Use Furniture

If you are also shipping furniture, pack some of your clothes in your dresser drawers and seal them carefully. This method lightens the load and makes it easy to pack and ship your clothes. Plus, you won’t need to unpack your clothes once you reach your destination.

  • Fold Clothes Appropriately

Some clothes like custom t-shirts can be rolled completely into small bundles. This helps to save space. For clothes that wrinkle easily, you can use a wardrobe box and hang them up. You can use the simple folding method for clothes such as jeans.


These are just some tips for packing your clothes for shipping. Use this guide to pack your clothes properly for shipping, and save money. Also, make sure that you fold down everything neatly or use organizers to keep everything organized. When you have fewer luggages and use less space, you will pay a considerably lower amount of shipping money.

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