Rutter, a Canadian digital startup, is redefining radar by providing seafarers with unique access to analytics about their environment. Rutter’s radar systems can detect glaciers in the water, detect patterns in tides and swells, and detect small boats despite background noise, thanks to powerful algorithms and signal processing.

Rutter’s most recent innovation is a safety surveillance system that predicts waves and their impacts on-deck activities. The WaveSignalTM sigma S6 technology anticipates calm operating intervals on a three-minute timeframe and exhibits a signal light on deck indicating halt (red) or go (green), allowing the crew to easily decide the optimal time to execute an action or activity.

The Sigma S6 systems are employed in over 40 nations for a wide range of industries, including ice travel, oil spill identification, coastline surveillance, early identification of small vessels at sea, and wave and surface current observation. The system might be used in fisheries, search and rescue, people transfers, freight transfers, and other services influenced by ocean currents.

According to Blair Wheaton, CEO of Rutter, this technology can make the ship a safer environment to work in. Instead of depending just on staff evaluation of water currents, the operator might use the red light / green light indicator to anticipate the safest moment for a personnel or equipment shift. Many companies feel that many sigma S6 technologies benefit them. They may use the system’s versatility to increase the functionality of their fleets effectively.

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