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Not just for shipping overseas: Used shipping containers in B.C.

By BCShippingNews 24 August 2017
Jason Mueller considers the alternatives for used shipping containers...

More and more people today are finding ways to make use of used shipping containers that are just sitting around at shipping ports. Sure, containers are used to ship several products before they are retired for new containers, but eventually they will no longer be fit for shipping use, and one has a big metal container that’s just sitting around collecting dust.

At that point, the containers are very affordable to purchase, and they are great for a variety of building projects. If you’re interested in tackling a shipping container building project, it’s important to first know how to obtain the containers and how you can work with them. If you live in British Columbia or surrounding areas or need to ship from a local B.C. port, you should have no trouble locating shipping containers, but it’s important for you to understand why that is.

Below we explain what shipping containers are, how they can be used for other projects and what you can do to obtain used shipping containers of your own. Read through the explanation, take notes and enjoy high quality shipping container projects when you’re done.

What are shipping containers

Shipping containers are massive metal storage boxes used to ship items around the world. They’re used to protect items being shipped on boats and they’re highly durable and reliable for keeping cargo safe and secure during transport. These containers are used all over the world and can be found in abundance at shipping ports that accept plenty of imports.

Vancouver is one of those ports, making it an excellent location for obtaining used shipping containers for reuse in other projects. Vancouver is the largest shipping port in all of Canada, making it the very best place in the country to obtain shipping containers.

The uses for used shipping containers

Used shipping containers are known for their durability and versatility. If you have a construction project that you want to complete, chances are good that shipping containers could work for part of the project. Many people are using the containers to fashion apartments, houses or small offices out of them. These modular containers work well for building projects, especially when they’re to be boxed shape.

Another common use for shipping containers is for workshop space. The containers are highly durably, easy to modify and they offer enclosed space that will keep you out of the elements while offering you decent space to get work done. Just one shipping container could be large enough to serve as a full workshop for you.

Many people also decide to use the containers for storage purposes. For instance, for storing boats, ATVs, tools and equipment, cars and other valuable items, they are easy to secure and built to work as storage, so this makes them an ideal tool for storing your valuables. If you are looking for a good reliable shed, a shipping container could fit the need very effectively and give you all the space that you need to get the job done as well.

There are even people building stores or swimming pools out of the containers, and the possibilities for them really are endless. Come up with a good idea for containers and you might be able to save some money on your next project while recycling a container that’s otherwise going to block up space in a landfill somewhere.

Locating used shipping containers

The best place to locate and obtain used shipping containers in B.C. is Vancouver. Vancouver is the largest shipping hub in Canada and there are literally dozens of different businesses that specialize in reselling the containers to the public and private sectors.

If you’re interested in obtaining shipping containers, you should head down to Vancouver to get a look at the supply that’s available there. If you happen to live near Vancouver, you should be able to get the containers back to your home for a reasonable rate, which makes building with them even more economical overall.

To obtain the containers, you’ll have to talk with special companies that take them from the ports and refurbish and resell them. It may be possible to buy containers right from the shipping port locations as well, though the containers sold there generally need more work than the containers sold by reseller companies that take the time to fix them up, or to find the nice shipping containers.

Just take the time to talk with several different companies and to look at container prices before you make a final decision about who you are going to work with. Just remember that the cheaper containers are often in worse condition, so carefully inspect containers before you agree to buy them.

Getting Your Containers Home

Once you’ve located the shipping container, or containers that you want, it’s time to move them back home so that you can start making use of them. Generally, this means paying a truck driver to load the containers up for you and to drop them off at your location.

The closer you live to Vancouver, the more affordable the containers are going to be to have shipped. It’s also more affordable to have multiple containers at a time moved, so try to get all the containers that you want at once to lower your transport costs as much as possible.

When you have the containers dropped off at your home or business, make sure that the driver knows exactly where you want the containers. Drivers often won’t go too far off the road, but the closer the container is to your destination, the better for you. Shipping containers often weigh as much as 40,000 to 50,000 lbs., making them very difficult to move once they have been placed in a location.

That’s why you want to get them as close to the destination as possible so you don’t have to deal with trying to move them yourself, or hiring a crane operator to move the containers for you.

Making use of shipping containers

More and more people are beginning to make use of shipping containers to recycle these materials and to build economically. The containers are being used effectively for housing, for swimming pools, for storage and a bunch of other reasons as well. After you’ve obtained your new shipping containers, and you have them back home, it’s a good idea to paint them to protect them from rust and wear.

You should also grind away any rust and treat them as soon as possible. The more work you put into preserving your container when you get it home, the longer it is going to last without issues.

You likely have a plan in mind for your container, so get to work using it for your unique project that makes the most of the rigid strength that shipping containers offer. They’re a very durable material and abundant around the world, and you can do great things with them in British Columbia.

Obtain your containers and get started with your next project, just make sure that you know what you are doing and how to get the containers before you invest in them. If you don’t know how to use the containers you could end up running into problems that you must solve before your project will work. When used properly, used shipping containers will last for decades or longer.

Shipping containers are available for worldwide shipments of automobiles, general freight, household goods and other property. Companies such as A1AutoTransport can assist with locating new and used containers to simplify overseas shipments that an individual or business may need and can also offer quick shipping times for those who need to utilize fast container shipments from British Colombia to global locations.