• Central Vancouver Island welcomes MS The World

    Nanaimo to host cruise ship for two-day stay... Read more »
  • Cruise ship industry contributes $3.2 billion to the Canadian economy in 2016

    Economic impact expected to continue growing as passenger visits rise again in 2017 Read more »
  • Ports getting ready for a stellar year

    BC Shipping News finds high optimism, coupled with hard-working staff... Read more »

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Crystal Serenity and RSS Ernest Shackleton -- Crystal's Northwest Passage voyage is a first for a large passenger ship...photo credit: EVC & Crystal Cruises
One would have to be the most sun-worshipping and mentally absent Canadian not to be aware of and share the nation’s obsession with our closest polar region. This region excites more than modest nationalist fervor, bringing a little heat to a c...
Crystal Serenity's Inaugural Call to Nanaimo on Friday August 5, offers summer visit for Central Vancouver Island.
President & CEO of the Nanaimo Port Authority, Bernie Dumas is excited about this inaugural call by Crystal Cruise Lines – a luxury cruise line that is so well suited for the Port of Nanaimo. “Our warm Central Vancouver Island welcome...
Canada’s cruise advantages
Canadian ports receive nearly two million passengers per year. The country has a variety of cruise regions including the Pacific Coast/Alaska, Atlantic Canada, Saint Lawrence Seaway, and Newfoundland and Labrador. Within each theatre, cruise lines of...
Crystal Serenity
Rutter Inc. is pleased to announce that Crystal Cruises has selected the sigma S6 Small Target Surveillance (STS) and Ice Navigator™ systems for the planned Arctic summer cruise in 2016 of the Crystal Serenity.
Andrew Carney Fleet Chief Engineer, Holland America Group — Part of the Carnival Group of Companies
During my interview with Andrew Carney, Fleet Chief Engineer, Princess Cruises, I was reminded of a question posed to me a number of years ago: Who was the Chief Engineer on the television show, The Love Boat? It was a trick question — there...