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Greater Victoria Harbour Authority launches consultation process for Ogden Point Master Plan

By BCShippingNews 10 September 2015
Lots of opportunities to provide feedback...

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) has embarked on Phase 3 of the Ogden Point Master Plan, and will begin community consultation and public engagement which will continue through out the Phase 3 planning process until November 2015. Phase 4, the final phase of the master planning process, is set to occur between November 2015 and December 2016.

The community consultation and public engagement process will be both virtual, through a 24/7 online forum http://ogdenpointmasterplan.mindmixer.com, facilitated information sessions, open houses, individual meetings with key stakeholders and groups including the James Bay Neighbourhood Association, Songhees Nation, and Esquimalt Nation, workshops and through the Let’s Talk… Ogden Point kiosks set up at Ogden Point to capture residential and tourism traffic. More information may be found on GVHA’s website http://www.gvha.ca and updates will be provided via Twitter (@GVICHarbour) and Facebook

Greater Victoria Harbour Authority is seeking input from a variety of stakeholders including James Bay Neighbourhood residents, First Nations, businesses, the tourism industry and residents from across Greater Victoria as they work to develop the Ogden Point Master Plan. They are looking for insights and input on (but not limited to):

  • Potential on site public amenities
  • Transportation
  • Accessibility and Pedestrian Circulation
  • Existing Facilities
  • Uses (industrial, marine, institutional, commercial etc.)

Additional information/ What is a master plan?

Master plans are generally broken into three key components that are comprised of: a development strategy: what is needed and viable over a given time; the Plan: the detailed layout and supporting details and controls for the property, and Implementation: the proposed development timetable for the property. In summary a masterplan is a cohesive and detailed plan that provides a vision and roadmap for development over a given period of time. A key objective of a masterplan is providing certainty and clarity to the property owners, the municipality, stakeholders and the community at large.

Between 2008 and 2013, Phase 1 (technical feasibility study) and Phase 2 (market assessment) of the Ogden Point Master Plan process were completed. Over the course of 2015 and 2016 Phase 3, The Functional and Facilities Plan and Phase 4, The Ogden Point Masterplan Document will be completed. The Functional and Facilities Plan will focus on the strategic development of Ogden Point, determining what is viable in the near and long term for the site, and how it will impact or benefit the GVHA and stakeholders. The Functional and Facilities Plan remains high level and diagrammatic. Phase 4 – The Master Plan – focuses on the detailed development of the preferred strategic plan for Ogden Point and will comprise of an illustrated layout plan of the property over the near, medium and long term. This will be supported by development guidelines and controls for architecture, landscape and infrastructure. An implementation plan will also be included to provide guidance of when and how development will likely occur over the next 30+ years.

It is anticipated that the Phase 3 Functional Facilities Plan will be completed by Early November 2015 and the Phase 4 Master Plan will be completed by December 2016. In parallel with the MasteR Plan preparation a rezoning application will be prepared and submitted to the City of Victoria.

A detailed overview of the Ogden Point Master Plan is available through GVHA’s website.