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Canada’s Ports honour National Railways

By BCShippingNews 29 September 2015
CP and CN awarded prestigious ACPA Medal of Merit award

In a break from tradition, the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA) is awarding its annual Medal of Merit not to an individual who has done outstanding work in the maritime transportation industry, but instead to a pair of iconic Canadian railway companies.

Canadian National and Canadian Pacific will share the 2015 Medal of Merit, awarded Wednesday at the 57th annual ACPA conference being held in Montreal. CN and CP provide links to 15 of the 18 ACPA members and last year moved more than half of the cargo that was delivered to Canadian ports.

“CN has strong collaborative relationships with Canadian ports and we are honoured to receive this recognition from ACPA,” said Michael Farkouh, CN vice president, Eastern Region. “In recent years, CN established collaboration agreements with all major ports and intermodal terminal operators in Canada. These agreements create faster and more reliable supply chains and are generating positive responses from international shipping lines and their customers. This supply chain collaboration helps CN and its port and terminal partners make their mutual customers more competitive in their end markets.”

CN and the Port of Montreal are working together collaboratively on developing new logistic centres near the port, including L’Assomption, as well as with members of CargoM. CN is also a strong support of the port’s expansion plans at Contrecoeur.

“This award is a reflection of the hard work that the CP team has put into collaborating creatively and productively with its customers and supply-chain partners, and I am thrilled to accept this award on CP’s behalf,” said Timothy E. Marsh, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing at CP. “Our goal is to provide the best possible service while always striving towards a 24/7 supply chain that keeps the Canadian economy growing. This award is a testament to our relationship with ports and a reminder that by working together on our customers’ behalf, everyone benefits.”

With a combined network of 48,000 kilometres of rail across Canada’s key trade corridors and gateways, CN and CP contribute to the overall efficiency of the transportation system, reducing congestion, improving intermodal connections and helping limit greenhouse gas emissions.

It is symbolic that CN and CP are honoured in Montreal, as this city’s Port boasts the so-called “Montreal Model,” an efficient rail network covering 12 kilometres, including more than 100 km of dockside tracks.

“The Port of Montreal owes much of its success to its partnership with CN and CP, which has helped us optimize the flow of goods from ship to rail,” says Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Port of Montreal. “Through CN and CP, Montreal is directly connected to Eastern and Western Canada and the Northern and Southern United States.”

CN has always been headquartered in Montreal while CP has been there for a great many years.

The Medal of Merit is offered in recognition of outstanding works or service, preferably f national impact, by an individual, institution or organization in the port, shipping and maritime transportation fields.

“Ports and railroads are integral partners in logistics with a strong and honoured symbiotic relationship,” says Wendy Zatylny, President of ACPA. “Canadian ports and Canadian railroads have collaborated to move trade and grow the Canadian economy since before Confederation, and we will continue to work together to build a strong future for Canada.”

ACPA has awarded the Medal of Merit annually since 1975. Past recipients include Madeleine Paquin, President and CEO of Logistec Corporation; the Hon. David Collenette, former Minister of Transport; Michel Pouliot, President of the Canadian Marine Pilots Association; Jack Leitch, Chair of the Upper Lakes Group; Blair McKeil, Chair and CEO of McKeil Marine and the late Captain Al Soppitt, former President and CEO of the Port of Saint John.

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