• Friday, December 14, 2018

Photos: Local maritime industry pitches in to give Hanjin crew a Merry Christmas

By BCShippingNews 22 December 2016
ILWU Local 400, BC Ferry & Marine Workers Union, Tymac, ITF, RCM-SAR and Filipino community donate time, funds and assets...

It's gestures like this that prove B.C.'s maritime industry is all heart! A number of organizations -- Tymac, ILWU Local 400, International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue, BC Ferry & Marine Workers Union and Filipino community got together on December 20 to ensure the crew of the Hanjin Scarlet would have food, warm clothing, books, games and videos among other things to get them through Christmas. With the vessel still in limbo while Hanjin's bankruptcy gets sorted out, the donations were a welcome sight for crew members. The following photos were taken by Dave Roels (www.daveroels.com) and require permission for reprint.