• Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Heavy lift project for Sandvik Mining and Construction project

By BCShippingNews 22 February 2015
Two shiploaders, tripper cars and more shipped from China to Port of Sept Iles...

The MV Happy Star takes on two complete shiploaders built in China and destined for the Port of Sept Iles for a Sandvik Mining and Construction Canada project. Thanks to Drew Korek, Phoenix Marine Services and President, Association of Marine Surveyors, who was the marine warranty surveyor. The two shiploaders weigh in excess of 970MT and were lifted with two 900mt cranes in tandem mode. Check out the video for the entire project: http://www.bcshippingnews.com/video/heavy-lift-project-sandvik-mining-an....

A 970-ton shiploader.
The aft section.
Drew Korek, the marine warranty surveyor for th...
The forward section.
Docking in Sept Iles, Quebec.