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Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia Annual General Meeting

By BCShippingNews 01 March 2015
Strong industry turn-out for Chamber's annual update on activities...

The Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia held their Annual General Meeting on Thursday, February 26 at the Vancouver West Convention Centre. In addition to annual association business, attendees heard from Chairman Bruce Rothdram who, in addition to announcing he was stepping down as Chair, made the surprise announcement that Captain Stephen Brown, President of the Chamber, would be retiring in 2016. Captain Brown followed with a very well-organized and comprehensive update on the state of the industry - locally, nationally and internationally. This year's guest speaker was David Keane, President of the newly formed BC LNG Alliance. Mr. Keane provided an overview of the state of the LNG industry in British Columbia, including government initiatives to create a competitive industry that could stand against any in the world; market conditions for LNG; public perception and support for the new industry and the potential impact on B.C.'s economy. Full story to follow...Thanks to Dave Roels (www.daveroels.com) for some fantastic photos of the event. Efforts have been made to identify the people in the photos (our apologies if we've missed a few names).