• Royal Canadian Navy readies for a new oceanic era

    Not since the great era of exploration in the 16th century have oceans played such an important role... Read more »
  • Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan: Year in review

    By Yvette Myers, Executive Director, OPP Pacific Region, Transport Canada Read more »
  • Barkley Sound eagerly awaits new car service ferry

    Lady Rose Marine potentially about to undergo a major expansion... Read more »

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BC Shipping News - November 2017 Highlights
Log in now to read the November 2017 issue of BC Shipping News. Industry Insight: Canada's Ocean Protection Plan: Year in review by Yvette Myers, Executive Director, OPP Pacific Region, Transport Canada...Myers provides a big-pictur...
Queen of Oak Bay (Photo: BC Shipping News)
It was mostly good news all around at the recent BC Ferries Annual General Meeting — traffic is up, new vessels were delivered and more are on order, terminals continue to be upgraded, and safety continues to mark year-over-year improvement. Fo...
Talink's LNG-fuelled Megastar. Photo: Pjotr Mahhonin/Wikipedia
While it is striking to follow the continuing high level of innovation across the cruise industry as lines seek to differentiate themselves from the competition, it is no less interesting to note the extent to which the ferry industry is watching, le...
Steve Roth, President, Seaspan Ferries Corporation
With a new terminal, two new LNG ferries and the start of an RFP process for up to two or three more, 2017 has been a busy year for Steve Roth, President – Seaspan Ferries Corporation (SFC). Thanks to a $250-million commitment from the Washingt...
By Mark Gill, Bernard LLP
The laws regulating ship recycling — commonly referred to as “shipbreaking” — in Canada have been the source of much confusion for many in the shipping industry. As there is no single piece of all-encompassing legislation that...