• Meeting the standards for environmentally acceptable lubricants By Shane Hanna, Owner, Lubri-Lab BC

    Lubri-Lab BC owner describes best practice management solutions for environmentally acceptable lubricants... Read more »
  • Setting the pace for green technology in maritime transport...by Darryl Anderson

    We quickly learn that green values, company initiatives and improvements extend far beyond mere regulatory compliance... Read more »
  • High-tech repair options for ship repairs

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Lubri-Lab's commitment to environmentally acceptable products extends to their grease products.
While non-mariners and mainstream public may focus on oil spills as the greatest threat to our marine environment, many miss the fact that lubricants lost from a vessel and entering into the aquatic environment can do just as much serious damage. Thi...
PBES CEO Brent Perry
Lithium-ion batteries are not new. Having been developed in the 1970s, and with commercial applications offered by the 1990s, the technology has been evolving to offer ever-greater energy solutions. For the marine industry, the promise of a low-carbo...
Fednav's newly built Federal Champlain has an advanced ballast water handling system - noteworthy to be mentioned when discussing green shipping. Photo: Shipspotting/Iappino
The Paris Agreement on Climate Change was signed by 175 countries in April 2016. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting, which highlighted the shipping industry’s path for smart, responsibl...
Aqua-Guard open house showcases state-of-the-art oil skimming systems
Agua-Guard Spill Response co-owners Nigel Bennett and Cameron Janz welcomed the local maritime community to their Coquitlam facilities in mid-April to showcase their state-of-the-art oil skimming systems. With a variety of systems on view, Bennett an...
Industrial Surface Technologies thermal coatings process.
While thermal coating has been a common remedy for many years for repairs of heavy equipment in industries such as mining, logging and construction, one local B.C. company has brought the technology to the marine industry and is catching the attentio...