• Ship recycling and the transboundary movement of hazardous materials

    By Mark Gill, Bernard LLP Read more »
  • On-deck containers overboard: Can the carrier rely on Hague-Visby limitations?

    By Thomas S. Hawkins, Maritime Lawyer with Bernard LLP Read more »
  • New tools aim to strengthen WorkSafeBC

    By Lorna Pawluk, Associate Counsel with Bernard LLP Read more »

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Peter Swanson, Partner, Bernard LLP
Canada has a long and robust history of seeking to protect Canada’s Arctic waters. The transit of the U.S. tanker S.S. Manhattan in the late summer of 1969 through the Northwest Passage was viewed by the government at the time as a challenge to...
Lorna Pawluk, Associate Counsel with Bernard LLP
Employers in British Columbia should be aware of the new tools now available to WorkSafeBC to enforce compliance with workplace safety obligations. Legislation passed in the summer of 2014 has resulted in a greater range of enforcement tools availabl...
Catherine Hofmann, Bernard LLP
Although this space is usually reserved for articles with a maritime law focus, many of the business issues facing the maritime industry are identical to those facing businesses generally — whether large or small. One such issue is succession p...
By David K. Jones, Bernard LLP
Safety and security are often emphasized as the top priority of passenger ships, indeed all ships — and all over the world, passenger ships sail safely without incident. A significant factor in passenger ship safety is the regime of internation...
Tom Beasley, Bernard LLP
Heritage shipwreck law in British Columbia is like the Fraser River. Often muddy and with many stretches little explored. Most of the law on the rights and obligations over shipwrecks is based on 19th century statutes to address problems of salvage p...