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Industry insight: Vital links - Subscriber Access Only

By BCShippingNews 28 September 2015

BC Shipping News is pleased to present two very different perspectives on the ferry industry — the Canadian viewpoint with Serge Buy, CEO, Canadian Ferry Operators Association (CFOA); and the international angle with Len Roueche, CEO, Interferry. While their focus and realm of operations vary significantly, you’ll see common themes run throughout their answers. From safety issues to operational improvements to technological advances and best practices, both representatives are well-versed on the relevant issues that impact their members and we are treated to one of the most insightful articles on any industry we’ve done to date.

BCSN: Let’s start with a bit of background. Could you provide a brief history, your mandate and some of your main activities?

SB (CFOA): The CFOA was incorporated in 1987 so we’ll be celebrating our 30th anniversary in couple of years. The ferry industry in Canada however, has existed since the early 1700s. Canada was built by ferries — it allowed people to travel and transport goods to some of the most outer regions of the country.

In 2012, the CFOA underwent a renewal. The head office was moved from New Brunswick to Ottawa which allowed us to strengthen our mandate, namely to be the advocate for the ferry sector at the national level.