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Industry Insight: The journey to success - Subscriber Access Only

By BCShippingNews 25 May 2016

Ron Brinkhurst, President of Tidal Transport & Trading Ltd., started the company with one client in 1999. Seventeen years later, along with partners Clay Petroff and Paul Gallant, Ron has grown Tidal into a powerhouse that touches on numerous facets of the marine industry along the West Coast of North America. The journey from superintendent to president has been fraught with “sleepless nights and hair falling out” but, as Ron describes, it started with one piece of business which led to another and then another until we arrive at the present day to find a local B.C. success story.

Above photo credit: Dave Roels (www.daveroels.com

BCSN: Let’s first look at how you started Tidal Transport and list the companies that currently fall under the Tidal Transport banner.

RB: Growing up in North Burnaby, the Vancouver waterfront provided a lot of job opportunities and there were quite a few from the neighbourhood who went to work as longshoremen and in other areas of the industry. I began working with Empire Stevedoring at Vanterm in 1984. This was just prior to EXPO 86 and Empire needed someone to co-ordinate the inbound movement of equipment and goods from vessel to terminal and on to the EXPO site.

I initially focused on containers and project cargoes in various areas of Vanterm’s terminal operations. Over the next 15 years, I worked in the general stevedoring division, concentrating on break bulk, especially forest products, including logs, but also automobiles and bulk commodities such as phosrock and grain as well as cruise vessel services.