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Industry Insight: The holistic approach - Subscriber Access Only

By BCShippingNews 26 November 2015

Ledcor’s entry into the marine transportation business four years ago was not just growth for growth’s sake. The synergies and vertical integration opportunities that came with the establishment of Ledcor’s Marine Division not only benefit the Ledcor Group but also their clients who gain significant advantages from this holistic approach. As you’ll read from our interview with Mark Houghton, COO, Ledcor Resources & Transportation, Marine Division, expansion into the marine sector was an idea whose time had come. Demonstrating the values that are evident throughout the Ledcor Group — safety, environmental stewardship and long-term sustainability — Mark’s leadership of the Marine Division positions Ledcor as the company to watch for stellar growth.

Photo by Dave Roels (www.daveroels.com).

BCSN: I think we should start with a quick overview of the Ledcor brand. Could you provide some history on its evolution and some context about where the Marine Division fits?

MH: Ledcor’s roots date back to 1947 when Bill Lede started Leduc Construction in Alberta to build roads and highways to support the expansion of the resource industry, utility companies, and, by 1970, pipelines. Bill was succeeded by his sons, Dave and Cliff, in 1980. While still a shareholder, Cliff has left the full-time leadership of the company to Dave.