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The looming paradigm shift...by Colin Laughlan, Logico Carbon Solutions Inc. - Subscriber Access Only

By BCShippingNews 30 April 2015

While the Canadian Government readies to implement what could be this country’s most significant technical infrastructure development for international trade — the Single Window Initiative (SWI) — there is a general lack of awareness amongst Canadian trading businesses that a “paradigm shift” is about to take over their daily routines.


The Single Window concept, simply put, is a one-stop electronic submission point for all required import trade data and documentation. The core of the Canadian Single Window, a project led by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), is the new Integrated Import Declaration (IID), an electronic message that will cut out redundant, paper-based reporting to the nine other participating federal government departments and agencies (see Figure 1 for the complete list).

Image above: The Canada Border Services Agency is co-ordinating the Single Window Initiative with: Environment Canada; Fisheries & Oceans Canada; Natural Resources Canada; Transport Canada; the Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Health Canada; the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development; the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission; and the Public Health Agency of Canada.

As an international trade facilitation instrument, national and regional Single Windows have been vigorously promoted by the World Customs Organization following the World Trade Organization’s new Trade Facilitation Agreement in 2013. At the global level, Single Windows are conceived as handling trade data in both directions, so one country’s export data becomes the destination country’s import data.