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BC Shipping News - March 2017 Highlights

By BCShippingNews 23 February 2017
Exclusive articles and updates on commercial marine activity on the West Coast of Canada...

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Industry Insight...Captain Bob Kitching, Western Maritime Institute: High standards for training...Before Bob follows through on the threat of sailing into retirement, we thought it best to get some of his knowledge down on paper.

Transport Canada...Oceans Protection Plan invests in maritime industry improvements: BCSN's interview with the Honourable Marc Garneau. Overall, the OPP "is about putting in place concrete measures that deliver tangible progress to make our coastlines safer, more vibrant and better protected..."

Cyber Security...Cyber-security risks brought into focus...by John Jorgensen, Chief Scientist, ABS CyberSafety. The increasing complexity of marine operations in this cyber-enabled world demands a re-commitment to the proven methods of systems engineering and risk management.

Surveillance Technology...Turnkey solution for maritime surveillance gaining in popularity. TZ Coastal Monitoring is a ready-made package that offers all the advantages of a standard system...but at a fractionof the cost of a custome-designed system.

Waterfront Training...Waterfront Training Centre continues to boost productivity at B.C. terminals. "We're always looking for ways to improve training on the waterfron and the Centre has resulted in a number of positive changes..."

Marine Safety...Marine safety systems, safety layers and safety cultures...by Dr. Richard Wiefelspuett. The well-known "Swiss Cheese" model of accident causation illustrates the system components as individual slices of Swiss cheese,...the holes indicating the imperfections of each component.

Seamanship...Seamanship and the Bridge Watchman Program...by Captain Philip McCarter. While the value of onboard familiarization and practical experience at sea cannot be under-estimated, the foundations for an understanding of life at sea and, by extension, seasmanship, must be solid.


  • History Lesson: Lights in the dark: The history of navigation lights by Lea Edgar, Vancouver Maritime Museum
  • Legal Affairs: On-deck containers overboard: Can the carrier rely on Hague-Visby limitations? by Thomas S. Hawkins, Bernard LLP

And much, much more!

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