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BC Shipping News - July-August 2016 Highlights

By BCShippingNews 22 June 2016
Exclusive articles and updates on commercial marine activity on the West Coast of Canada...

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Industry Insight...Building on the legacy...Joe O'Rourke, Vice President & General Manager, Victoria Shipyards...In replacing Malcolm Barker, Joe considers himself "lucky" to have inherited a very good team with a strong and efficient operation that has a reputation for high quality.

Shipyards...Busy is the byword for B.C. shipbuilding and repair industry...by Ray Dykes...It's hard to find anything but optimism among the B.C. shipyard and repair industry, which overall, is as busy as it can hope to be.

Tanker Traffic...Mixed (moratorim) messages...by Robert Lewis-Manning, President, Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia...For many in the marine industry, this appears to be a premature decision based on speculation rather than fact.

Royal Canadian Navy...The modernization of CFB Esquimalt...The past six years has seen a transformation take place at the RCN's Esquimalt Naval Base.

Air Quality Part II...Port Emissions Inventory Tool...by Colin Laughlan...The locally created Port Emissions Inventory Tool is evolving into a worldwide application.

Maritime Security...National maritime strategies and the complex security environment...by Daniel Baart...The range of human activities at sea is increasing, and our interwoven economies have never been more dependent on our ability to safely utilize the ocean and its benefits.


  • History Lesson: Wreck of torpedoed WWII merchant vessel found by Lea Edgar, Vancouver Maritime Museum
  • Legal Affairs: Clear Seas' report a key first step by Michael M. Soltynski, Bernard LLP

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