• Royal Canadian Navy readies for a new oceanic era

    Not since the great era of exploration in the 16th century have oceans played such an important role... Read more »
  • Canada’s Oceans Protection Plan: Year in review

    By Yvette Myers, Executive Director, OPP Pacific Region, Transport Canada Read more »
  • Barkley Sound eagerly awaits new car service ferry

    Lady Rose Marine potentially about to undergo a major expansion... Read more »

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Jesse Lawson, Superintendent of Maritime and Civil Infrastructure, atop the 990-metre-high Maitland Island mountain-top construction site. In the background, the Chinook heavy-lift helicopter can be seen approaching with a 15,000-lb sling load of new equipment.
The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is responsible for the safe movement of ships through inland and coastal waters. Vital maritime services provided by the CCG include aids to navigation, waterways management, environmental response, icebreaking, search...
A CH-124 Sea King helicopter lands on the deck of HMCS Charlottetown in the Atlantic Ocean during Operation REASSURANCE this past summer. (Photo: Cpl J.W.S. Houck, Formation Imaging Services)
Home to more than a dozen war ships, submarines, training and patrol vessels; 6,000 personnel (4,000 military, 2,000 civilian); and one of the largest enclosed buildings on the West Coast of North America (the 28,000 square-metre Fleet Maintenance Fa...
Istock photo
Canada’s coasts and waterways are an important facet of Canadian life and culture, especially in British Columbia. In November 2016, the Government of Canada launched the historic $1.5-billion Oceans Protection Plan, the largest investment ever...
The MV Frances Barkley (photo: BC Shipping News)
For over 75 years, Lady Rose Marine Services has been providing a vital passenger and freight ferry connection between Port Alberni, Ucluelet, Bamfield and the Broken Group Islands. Now, under the leadership of owner Mike Surrell, the company is pote...
Al-Salam Boccacio 98 (2006) (Carlo Martinelli - Shipspotting)
2017 marks more than Canada’s 150th anniversary of confederation. It is an occasion to take stock of a century and a half of progress in global marine safety, founded on the regulatory reforms pursued by Samuel Plimsoll in the 1860s. The carria...