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BMT introduces REMBRANDT-INLAND Simulation Tool for brown water training and collision reconstruction

By BCShippingNews 22 January 2015
Real and fast-time simulation and training tool specifically for use in scenarios involving inland waterways.

BMT ARGOSS a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, the leading international design, engineering and risk management consultancy, has developed a specialized version of its ‘REMBRANDT’, real and fast time simulation and training tool specifically for use in scenarios involving inland waterways.

Photo above: screen shot from the BMT ARGOSS Rembrandt-Inland simulation tool.

Developed to support the specialized control systems and navigation charts used by vessels working on inland waterways, REMBRANDT-INLAND is a highly accurate, capable and flexible alternative to Full Mission Bridge (FMB) marine simulators, delivering equivalent functionality at a lower price point. REMBRANDT allows the user to load any port, river or canal and utilises high fidelity vessel models that include over 750 parameters, ensuring that the user experiences identical vessel to vessel interaction, vessel to bank interaction, squat and shallow water effects as the real vessel would in the same conditions. Simulations can be replayed in video format with track plots and data information printed or saved electronically, providing an opportunity to analyse the vessel performance. 

REMBRANDT-INLAND has enhanced current and wind settings to accommodate the unique features of a given location. It can also provide Client Server, a multi-user mode which enables multiple vessels to operate in a single operational scenario; each with independent human control, making it a powerful and effective tool for real life scenarios.

As well as providing traditional port and canal development simulations, REMBRANDT-INLAND can be used to accurately reconstruct specific incidents involving collisions in order to identify the root cause and any lessons that can be learned. The simulation uses shipboard data and radar images combined with high fidelity ship models, to produce meaningful three-dimensional simulations. Voice, radar and position data sets are automatically synchronised, together with environmental data and navigational circumstances, to present a complete and seamless reconstruction of events for in-depth analysis.

BMT’s collision reconstruction team, which includes experienced master mariners, chief engineers, navigation and hydrodynamic modellers and weather experts, has the essential skills, depth of inland waterway knowledge and crucial technology to reconstruct incidents using a visual format and readily understandable process.

REMBRANDT-INLAND also provides unparalleled visual simulation of proposed new infrastructure. BMT ARGOSS recently provided such a simulation as part of the public consultation into development of the ports of Spijk and Tuindorp in the municipality Rijnwaarden, Holland.

“I am delighted at the initial user feedback for this specialised version of the REMBRANDT manoeuvring simulator,” commented Paul Morter, Business Line Manager for REMBRANDT. “It will enable us to deliver high quality simulations and incident investigations to the Inland Waterway market.”

“Having this market focussed version of REMBRANDT available to support the specialised requirements of inland waterways – whether for development or investigative purposes will allow BMT ARGOSS to provide a valuable input to a wide variety of projects.” comments Hans Veldman, ARGOSS’s highly experienced inland waterways consultant.

REMBRANDT-INLAND is currently being used as part of BMT ARGOSS’s consultancy offering and will be available to purchase later in 2015.