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Blue Sky Network’s SkyRouter Web Portal boasts new alerts features

By BCShippingNews 26 January 2015
Improvements provide for greater communications...

Blue Sky Network (BSN), a leading global provider of satellite tracking and fleet management solutions for land mobile, maritime, and aviation assets, has announced significant upgrades to SkyRouter’s extensive Alert Notification system.

SkyRouter is Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based web portal and mapping solution, which communicates with remote devices over the Iridium Satellite Network. It provides a secure interface for tracking, managing and communicating with globally dispersed assets in real-time.

In keeping with Blue Sky Network’s commitment to consistently improve its products and the customer experience, the following significant improvements were announced:

SMS Support: Event notifications can now be sent directly and globally via SMS from SkyRouter to virtually any cellular phone on any network.

Customizable Email Subject Formatting: Email subjects are no longer hard-coded to a specific format. SkyRouter users may now customize the email subject format to their preference and include properties from the event.

Alert Information: The body of the notification has been expanded to contain virtually all the information that the device sends to SkyRouter during an event. The users have the ability to change the Alert content forwarded on from SkyRouter. This allows recipients to instantly know appropriate details about the asset and the event.

Alert Preview: Users can now preview what the Alert will look like from within SkyRouter directly from the Add/Edit Alert menu.

In short, the new Alerting system empowers fleet managers by delivering customized, pertinent asset information directly to Smart phones and Tablets.